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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a price list for weddings?


We don't have a set price-list or offer packages. Each wedding is different and flowers, season, style and size can all affect prices. 

We advise booking a Consultation with us so we can chat through ideas and then email a concise Proposal of design and costings for your wedding flowers.

We aim to work to the budget you feel comfortable with, therefore we will suggest which designs can give you the best impact for this.

  • How do we book a consultation?

To book a no-obligation consultation, please email or ring us to confirm a suitable time and day for us to call or to meet with us at our workshop in Painswick. We do offer weekend or evening appointments subject to availability.


  • How do I proceed with the booking?


We can only confirm your booking once you have made payment for the booking fee. This is emailed directly to you.

The booking fee is non-refundable, but is deductible from your final balance.


  • Can I make changes to my quotation once we have paid the booking fee?


Yes, the first quotation is normally a starting point.  We are happy to update your quotation at any stage with images or ideas you may have as your wedding plans develop, providing the final balance is above our minimum spend (inclusive of VAT) and including the booking fee. Please see our Terms and Conditions for minimum spends.


  • Do you take Credit Cards?


Yes we do.


  • Are you VAT registered?


Yes, we are. Our quotations and invoices show the VAT amount. Our V.A.T. registration number is 333 3386 13


  • When do I make payments?


We send you an invoice for the balance which is due on/before 4 weeks before your wedding.


  • When do I confirm the final Proposal and how?


We will contact you a minimum of 5 weeks before your wedding to confirm all details,  from this we will invoice you for the balance.

We normally book a phone consultation with you to finalise your Proposal.  However, if you prefer to meet in person where we are based in Painswick, we can happily arrange this. We do charge travel costs to meet at your venue/outside our area.


  • Who moves the flowers from the ceremony to the reception?


Normally, if the ceremony and venue are at the same location, the venue will move items to the reception. However, not all venues are willing to do this. We normally advise asking someone from your wedding party to take on this job, or we can offer this service at an hourly rate.


  • What time do you arrive to set up?


Depending on the venue we normally arrive at 10am to set up on the day of the wedding, and we return at 9am the day after your wedding to clear down and take the flowers and props.

If we are delivering bouquets to an address which is not your wedding venue, we will confirm an approximate time of arrival.

We will be finished setting up by the time your guests arrive. However, should your venue not allow access earlier than 10am and you have an early ceremony (before 1pm) we may need to allow for additional staff to allow installations to be completed within the time scale or require special allowances from your venue for early access.


  • Can I take the flowers after the wedding?


Yes, the flowers are yours to take home or give to guests. Please remind guests not to take an prop’s.. Any flowers left after 9am on the morning of collection will be removed.


  • What happens if our outdoor ceremony can’t go ahead because of the weather?


Most venues liaise with their clients a couple of hours before the ceremony to make the call whether you are going to go ahead with an outdoor ceremony and we work with them. Should you choose a flower installation that needs 2 hours or more to install we will advise a time we need confirmation by your choice of outdoor/indoor ceremony to allow time to set up. When we confirm your final Proposal, we will allow for  an “indoor ceremony” alternative to any specific flower designs that you want for an outdoor ceremony, we cannot offer refunds because flowers have to be bought in advance but will always endeavour to create an equally stunning set up indoors.


  • Where are your flowers from and when do they arrive?


We buy our flowers directly from Holland and locally depending on the season and availability.  They arrive two days before your wedding to allow them to be conditioned and for preparation. During certain months we may buy flowers early or later due to the weather or to allow certain flowers to open in time for your big day.


  • Where is the best place to store or locate our flowers at the venue?


Ideally flowers need to be in water, avoiding direct sunlight and heat. We understand this is not always possible with certain venues and locations therefore, we do our best to make sure your flowers have a water source during your wedding day or advise flowers that will last longer without a water source.

With bouquet/hair flowers/buttonholes we advise keeping them in a cool, dark place until the latest point before they are needed, (e.g. away from hairdryers, radiators, direct sunshine). Should you require vases with water to put your bouquets in after the ceremony we are happy to provide these. at a small hire cost.


  • Which Flowers will be used for my wedding?


Unless you specify a particular flower, we choose and buy in flowers we feel work best for your chosen style, colours and season and that give you the best value for money.


  • Do you have a team of staff or what happens if you are ill?


We have a small team of dedicated staff and regular freelancers who work for us. Depending on the size of your flower order, we allow for between 1-7 people to work.

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